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More Music Means

More options – Hip-hop, old skool, neo-soul
and inspirational.

DJ Moore is a stand out DJ with over 20 years of experience – offering up an eclectic mix that will get your party going. He began spinning for his friends and their parties and quickly gained a reputation for producing infectious beats. That rep brought him new clients booking him for club gigs, weddings, social parties and more. Based in Chicago, DJ Moore will bring the Windy City vibe to any location, inspire the crowd to get up and dance, and make sure everyone is having a good time.

DJ Moore also creates inspirational sets to help you reflect, relax and explore your spiritual side. Through music, he will touch your heart and soul.

Not a “cookie-cutter” DJ, he’s always looking for new tracks and crowd pleasing beats to add to his sets. DJ Moore strives to provide unique, memorable events through music. He’ll meet your expectations and more – more music, more excitement, more fun, more inspiration!

Check out his work and enjoy!